Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Measurement system analysis with attribute data

Here I am, looking to quantify the measurement error for attribute data using an approach known as Gage R&R. The study took about four weeks from design to delivery with our third party contractor.
My client is very keen to see the result of the study, which is promising.

My colleague and I worked constantly on the analysis during the last week to simply put the result in a common language easy to grasp.

My experience is being very positive having a great business owner, engaged examiners doing the study and finally keen interest from other business areas. This great pull by the client provided effortless and seem less environment for me to carry on with great enthusiasm.

However, the result was not conclusive, but, indicative of further improvement to be made in the measurement system for the data attribute.

My stakeholders are excited with the quantitative analysis and the next steps following the initial management review will provide sufficient actions to reach an acceptable level of confidence in attribute data measurement.

All in all a great positive experience.

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