Saturday, 4 May 2013

Follow the leader

I used to be a professional manufacturing development engineer, worked in the automotive sector for many years, was involved in one of the most demanding projects ever; I can freely say, the leadership back then was right for the job.

Leaders were aware of everything in their production lines, from defects to daily production numbers, or why they have not achieve the required production numbers.

The production plan was clear, the customer demand was ahead of us and must be met, the material was procured and ready to be dispatched to the required areas, the production machines are capable to produce the outputs. Finished products in the warehouse ready for dispatch.

That was my world, I have taken it for granted. But, many years afterwards I made my leap towards the transaction sector. I have taken with me a toolkit full of methods, approaches and soft skills, not knowing how valuable they are.

The white collar worker is my machine now! the product is not visible in front of me anymore. Toyota and Daimler Chrysler are not my customers, but, millions of people are buying and using my products/ services. Everyone have different expectations and needs to fulfil.

It is the world of today, major designer labels, large corporations driving small and medium businesses to the brink of collapse for a market share, and in the middle of all that the customer is screaming for attention.

A migration of skills and approaches made way from a well established sector (automotive) into the square mile in London and large corporate organisations around the world. The large workforce was recruited to help transactional leaders produce a magic transformation on a dynamic environment relished with different standards.

Lean, six sigma, change management, PRINCE2, business analysis, process analysis, enterprise architecture, ITIL, agile, software management, system architecture, information management, the internet, mobile phones, ERP systems, data architecture and warehousing, outsourcing etc......
A tsunami of skills, approaches and infrastructure complications, were all mixed together and introduced to our new leaders, to produce results fast, very fast!!

How can we approach such multi-variant complex moving beast???

The answer is simple, what is the customer wants!!!!! before we even look to automate our processes and reduce operating cost, or even outsource our customer facing operations.

My fellow leaders, listen to your customers, work with your clients and make simple steps before giant leaps. The iPhone5 was not born from the first invention, it is a continuos process with a feedback loop from our customers capturing lessons learnt, to make it better, for users next time.

Leading the way, by pioneering new better products, improved services and efficient applications for our users is our vision.

Future leaders, will try harder to achieve customer satisfaction.

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