Monday, 27 May 2013

My Legoland Customer Experience

Customer experience is important for every company to expand and succeed nowadays.

My customer experience with my family during half term in legoland was more that great. The journey to the park was not easy, two hours traffic delays just before Legoland.
The park is attractive and magical in many facets, but, for every ride our average waiting time was more than an hour, still I give Legoland an overall rating of 4 out of 5, great experience which I recommend to others.

Waiting time in queues is considered wasteful experience for customers in other sectors i.e. NHS, airports. But I found the overall experience acceptable and not only that, enjoyable.

The park was full of creative and well designed lego sculptures, large scale artistic designs entwined carefully among beautiful gardens and themes. The magical and theatrical themes draw your attention and thinking away from the deluded and horrible time wasted in long queues. But, that is not all.

The happy staff that serves the hundreds of visitors daily were my main focus. If a customer finds interaction with staff enjoyable then customers feel happy. The feel of the company is important, happy staff in Legoland drives higher customer satisfactions which drives revenue, which makes me think about the leadership in this amazing company.

Organisation consultant always defines the link of leadership to the climate in the company, climate on its own does not determine its performance, getting the best out of people is key to great success.
Lack of Emotional Intelligence, can hijack the staff target, hence, distance leaders and staff from each others.  

Maybe, that was the link I am looking for in Legoland, The happy staff, the well deserved treatment I got from every member of staff, the wave when I was on the train ride, the smile and the complement 'have a nice day', the care and emotion everyone puts in these little jobs, have a magical effect on every member of my family.

Emotional Intelligence 'EI', enforces the emotional bond between leaders and staff, hence, connecting with each others. 
The feeling of the job well done to Legoland!

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