Monday, 1 July 2013

Deming Cycle

W. Edwards Deming in the 1950's proposed that business processes should be analysed and measured to identify sources of variations that cause products to deviate from customer requirements. He recommended that business processes be placed in a continuous feedback loop so that managers can identify and change the parts of the process that need improvements.

Having worked across sectors in multi-disciplinary organisations, I have come across projects related to Infrastructure Asset Management, which is based on PAS 55 (ISO 55000), and in another different sector, the Information Technology with its Service Management Systems (SMS) based on ISO 20000.

Two major sectors, infrastructure asset management and ITIL for service management system are both based on Deming PDCA steps approach.

Since the 1950s, Deming cycle has proved valuable in the progression of business processes and customer services across assets classes and industry sectors.

So, let is make these basic famous principles part of every manager toolkit. Subsequently, let us make it part of our education systems for teachers and students in a wider community.

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