Saturday, 3 August 2013

Traditional against new Project Management approaches

This is a conversation between a Developer and a Project Manager; '
Developer; 'why are we in a bunker.'

Project Manager; 'it' hard a bunker, pal, it's a bit grim, I'll admit, but we need a room to call our own: a project room, a war room, somewhere to keep plans visible and where we can meet and really communicate; somewhere we can run workshops without waiting for days for a free meeting room. 

Developer; ' This project, then - bit of a rush job? Is it do-able?

Project Manager; ' Not a chance, mate, we go for a waterfall approach! We'll have to do a bit of 'agile' or we're out of a job again for sure.'

 sensible conversation, but looking back on project management approaches journey, the DSDM is the most rigours agile approach yet to come across. The reason is the deadly triangle; Project Manager has to balance between constraints of Cost and Time against the Features that have to be delivered.
If Cost, Time and the Features are all fixed, the only dimension left to vary is Quality. Compromising quality is unacceptable outcome.

DSDM Atern turns the deadly triangle on its head and advocates fixing Quality, along with Cost and Time, but allows flexibility of scope (features) by prioritisation.

DSDM Atern is rare amongst agile approaches in that it recognises a project and the need for delivery of a clear product to meet a business objective by a definite date and at a definite cost. 

DSDM will add structure and rigour to a project, without losing the flexibility to adjust to the changing needs of the business.
The structure for DSDM Atern consists and compromise of;
+ The philosophy
+ The eight principles
+ The process ( the life cycle)
+ The people (roles and responsibility)
+ The products (outputs that control the process or represent the project outcome)
+ The practices ( a set of key agile techniques).

The eight principle that embody the way of working are;
+ Focus on the business need
+ Deliver on time
+ Collaborate
+ Never compromise quality
+ Build incremental from firm foundation
+ Develop iteratively
+ Communicate continuously and clearly
+ Demonstrate control.
The mix or the sum of all parts - the roadmap to mixing PRINCE2, ITIL and DSDM Atern project road map is left for the employer to mix and match different approaches according to the business needs.

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