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Asset and Plant Optimisation Services

In times of growing cost pressure, investment decisions are more and more dependent on the total costs during the entire lifecycle of a plant or machine. Plant operators face the problem of guaranteeing maximum productivity with the lowest possible maintenance costs. Industrial plants and factories with optimized work routines and processes not only produce more: They also spend less on operating resources, energy and maintenance.

My approach is to combine the expertise of reliability professionals, engineering talents and software experts with high end industrial products and IT technologies to maximize the benefit on the industrial shop floor and its mission critical equipment.

Plant Lifetime extension portfolio

  • Monitoring of critical machines:
    The availability of the entire plant can be improved by monitoring critical components like motors and gears. Additionally to individual components, the production process is also evaluated by compressing and analyzing the collected data. An alarm is triggered in the event of changes to important parameters or imminent failure of a component. Analysis of the plant data also allows the planning and coordination of preventive maintenance measures.
  • Discrete manufacturing monitor:
    An important objective of the discrete manufacturing monitor is to reduce machine downtimes. By assessing the condition of machines and plants, it is possible to detect trends early on, and measures can be planned and implemented in good time. Siemens can provide a comprehensive platform solution for all functions, from collecting and aggregating data through preliminary analysis and trending to the actual visualization.
  • Monitoring of infrastructure:
    The network is the central nervous system of the automation system. Therefore it is especially important to monitor the bus end-to-end - vertically and horizontally - from installation throughout the productive phase. This includes recording the network and device status, any changes that occur, and overloading. Alarms and incidents can be forwarded to higher-level systems. In addition, the services also offer the option of validating field bus systems, verification during acceptance, and maintenance of the bus systems.
  • Monitoring of processes, mathematical analytics:
    Operators of industrial plants need to comply with a constant stream of new and increasingly stringent immersion control guidelines. Siemens services assist them in checking and calibrating the used precision measuring equipment. The measurement and analysis methods are employed, for example, to monitor leaks and optimize the energy balance. The services can be used as a process monitoring tool in a wide range of applications. For example, monitoring cranes to find the most advantageous gripping and positioning of containers when loading and unloading ships.
  • Shop floor industrial security:
    Implementing and maintaining a secure plant infrastructure also helps the customers to increase the reliability of their production operation. The risk of an attack is reduced by, e.g., hardening the automation components. In the case of remote access, secure connections with powerful encryption, VPN, and firewalls protect the IT of the plant.

Gateway to Process Improvement works in collaboration with other companies which provides a wide range of solutions for process and factory automation. Focusing on relevant components brings clear advantages for the plant operator:
  • Increased plant availability and productivity
  • Reduced risk of failure and subsequent costs
  • Optimized spare–part management
  • In time information about condition–related maintenance measures
  • More effective planning of resources
  • The customers can concentrate on their core business

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