Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Asset Management Mobile Applications

I would like to share my thoughts around these companies with a large infrastucture asset portfolio and the challenges they are facing in managing these assets i.e. Network Rail and Northern Powergrid.
These companies are embarking on a technology journey to optimise the management of their assets portfolio using Enterprise Asset Management Applications coupled with Mobile technology for capturing, recording and amending asset condition on site.

Some of these technology for mobile applications is maturing well in certain applications.
Fieldreach mobile technology is an interesting design with an 'outside in' approach to the mobile process.

Fieldreach has the capability to:

  • Increase business efficiency and agility, by integrating mobile work and asset management processes.
  • Enabling business decision making, by providing on-site asset intelligence to make evidence decision making on asset maintenance.
  • Plan work and meet regulation requirements, by providing location services to view the assets on the map and plan work.
  • Generate accurate visual data, by augmented reality view allows field-workers to overlay asset information with live camera image of the asset.
The advancement in technology gives organisation the independence and adaptability to implement new business processes without recoding, focusing on data and how data is captured and allowing new processes to be quickly design, deployed, embedded and optimised.

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