Monday, 23 November 2015

10 Kaizen business rules

10 Kaizen rules to grow your business

The word Kaizen in an operation means different to different people. Some define it as lower operating cost or reduced inventory while others describe it in terms of increased efficiency or better quality or being on time & in full. But the ultimate goal remains same i.e. being operationally fit.

However the biggest fear is the misunderstanding of the word Kaizen. Kaizen has been misunderstood as pSMALL CHANGES always.  In fact, kaizen means everyone involved in making improvements everyday and everywhere. While the majority of changes may be small, the greatest impact may be kaizens that are led by senior management as transformational projects, or by cross-functional teams as kaizen workshops. The best way to apply kaizen is to gain top management’s commitment first and then involve them in setting up a goal. Once this is done, employees starts focusing on that goal, making changes in their areas, etc. and then again setting up a new goal. At the same time it is very important to set daily work management practices in order to ensure that the improvements done are sustained else there is always a fear of sliding back.

If everything goes right, the best this cycle will yield is a climb up the staircase of continuous improvement step by step.

During this journey of Kaizen or improvement following 10 Kaizen rules should be kept in mind in order to grow your business:

Rule # 1: Discard conventional, fixed ideas

Rule # 2: Think of how to do it, not why it cannot be done

Rule # 3: Do not make excuses, start by questioning current practices.

Rule # 4: Do not seek perfection. Do it right away, even if only for 50% or target 

Rule # 5: Correct it right away, if you make a mistake.

Rule # 6: Do not spend money for KAIZEN, use your wisdom.

Rule # 7: Wisdom is brought out when faced with hardship.

Rule # 8: Ask WHY five times and seek out root causes.

Rule # 9: Seek the wisdom of ten people rather than the knowledge of one.

Rule # 10: KAIZEN ideas are infinite

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