Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Capegemini targeted business experience

I am very interested when I read this page about Capegemini People Centered approach. Please read and learn from an experienced firm.

The Collaborative Business Experience™

Capgemini at your side: enabling concrete business results through a people-centered approach to technology.

People Matter, Results Count.
Technology is advancing, borders are disappearing and competition is intensifying. More and more, successful businesses must be ready to respond to complex and unpredictable challenges. With Capgemini’s team of experts at your side, your business will become more agile and competitive.

The best way for us to work for you is to work with you. The Collaborative Business Experience™ helps you define the rules of the game, rather than be limited by them.

Finding Unique Solutions Together

Collaboration is central to the Capgemini philosophy and a pillar of our service delivery. From strategy development through to implementation, clients benefit from our tailored approach. Working beside you every step of the way, we analyze your challenges and guide you through your transformation.

Our collaborative tools and methodologies give you the freedom to transform and overcome resistance to change. We channel the expertise of our leading technology partners, putting the right tools in the hands of your teams.

Guided by the 4 dimensions of collaboration, we target value, mitigate risk, optimize capabilities, and align the organization to achieve the objective.

Collaboration in Action

Capgemini is the partner of choice for leading businesses across all sectors. Our client Success Stories show how the Collaborative Business Experience™ helps organizations discover the freedom to increase performance through innovation.

Through the experience that comes from working with thousands of companies over the past three decades, Capgemini has identified four key elements of collaboration. They form a picture of an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, needs, and priorities. They help us collaborate with our clients to achieve better, faster, and more sustainable results.

Targeting Value

To improve performance, you have to know exactly what you want to achieve and then establish targets all along the path your project will take.

Mitigating Risk

Project failure is a major concern.  This dimension reflects Capgemini’s attention to understanding the stakes of an initiative, and the level of risk our client perceives to be inherent in the initiative.  This allows Capgemini to manage these risks, reducing the chance that obstacles will slow down value realization.

Optimizing Capabilities

The optimizing capabilities dimension refers to the two-way transfer of knowledge during the project, and to efforts by Capgemini and our clients to ensure that the know-how and support necessary to sustain the value of the project is in place upon completion of the initiative.

Aligning the Organization

Initiatives often fail to provide lasting value because implementation fails or is delayed within the organization.  This failure can result from a number of causes. Knowing what might inhibit implementation can shape the nature of a collaborative project and accelerate the realization of project value.

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