Thursday, 7 July 2016

Process Maturity

Let´s take a look at the concept of process maturity, which shows until what extent a process is manageable and predictable. 

There are five levels of business process maturity:

  • Level 1: Initial – business processes are inconsistent and are not coordinated.
  • Level 2: Managed – business processes are defined, but different procedures are used for similar tasks, making work badly coordinated.
  • Level 3: Standardized – standard processes are synthesized from best practices, and guidelines are provided to support different business needs.
  • Level 4: Predictable – detailed measures of the processes and their outputs are collected, analyzed and controlled. Process performance is measured throughout the workflow so that process outcomes can be predicted.
  • Level 5: Innovating – processes are continuously improved.

Every new level makes a company more able to meet competition, timely react to market requirements and wisely use its resources. Fully describing and specifying the processes can take the company to Level 3 at the most. It is possible to go from Level 3 and higher only if the workflow (business processes, document management and so on) is automated. 

According to the Deming cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act), the simplest model for process improvement consists of four steps:


Deming cycle in business process management

  • Plan – define the objectives and processes that are necessary to deliver the expected result; plan the work aimed at accomplishing the process goals and satisfying the customer; schedule resources.
  • Do – implement the plan.
  • Check – collect information and study the actual result comparing it to KPIs; look for deviations, analyze them and find their causes.
  • Act – implement the improved solution, correct deviations; modify the plan and resource scheduling.

Let us sum it all up. 

BPMN allows you to model an executable process. The main concept of an executable process is as follows: first, you draw the diagram, and then the process is executed according to the diagram. Processes described with BPMN and automated in BPM systems are manageable from the moment they are modeled to the moment they are executed, allowing for constant improvement.

fig 1 700

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